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PFS Sanctioned Murder's Mark (1-2)
By Jim Groves APL 1-2
Everyone in the fishing town of Ilsurian is excited when the legendary Umbra Carnival rolls into town—even if the show is run by members of the much-maligned Varisian ethnic group. With strange and exotic beasts, scandalous performances, games of chance, and all the other fun of a traveling fair, who could resist such an opportunity for entertainment? Unfortunately for both the town and the circus, however, entertainment isn’t the only opportunity the carnival presents. Hidden within Ilsurian, a guild of thieves and scoundrels has been waiting for just such an occasion to launch a campaign of theft and murder—leaving the strangers from the circus to take the blame. With tensions mounting between locals and performers, and the body count rising on both sides, it’s up to the PCs to uncover what’s really going on and clear the circus’s name before the entire town erupts in a firestorm of ethnic violence. Murder’s Mark is an adventure of mystery, illusion, and mob justice for 1st-level characters, written for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and compatible with the 3.5 edition of the world’s oldest RPG. This volume also contains a gazetteer of the traveling Umbra Carnival and a brand-new monster pulled from history and mythology, all of which can easily be adapted for use in any campaign setting.

 Howard Black
 Mike ClarkeTBDTBD0
 Gregg Homerdingtbdbarbarian, paladin, or rogue12
 Todd AmmermanN/AN/A0
 Lary WesleyCormPaladin6
 Sanjay SebastianNone Selected0
 Fred StraussWinks Blastum (PFS)Lava Gnome Sorcerer10
 Mark MastejTBDNew Character1
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